To everyone who experiences heart burn:

This was made for YOU


That terrible burning sensation that follows meals does NOT have to happen.

For something that isn’t normal, there are TONS of people who suffer from this.

The problem right now is: you don’t know what to change in order to feel better.

And now I have an answer for you.

And it’s FREE.


Identifying the root cause of Heart Burn

February 23RD

Too Much or Too Little Stomach Acid?

February 24TH

Root Causes That Effect Stomach Acid

February 25th

Food’s Personalized Role in Heart Burn

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Hi, I’m Kylie

I am an Integrative and Functional Registered Dietitian and I specialize in gut health. I help people identify and organize: identify the root causes of their pain/symptoms, organize a way to intervene in order to create relief and certainty around food. I teach people how to feed their bodies, how to pay attention to the red flags, and how to set themselves up for the long haul!

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Confidently knowing what to eat

“I found incredible health beyond my wildest dreams. Honestly, through Kylie’s program and help, I’ve never experienced long term help like this! It cleared up issues I didn’t even know I had like feeling relief from a lifetime of feeling chronically cold and tired. I found everything really easy to stick to because my commitment to health was at the forefront. The results were also highly illuminating as to learn what triggers my body and what it reacts to.”


Identifying the root cause of Heart Burn