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Empowered Mindset for Gut Health

Sep 23, 2021 | Gut Health, Nutrition

I want to take a minute here to really dial in on the idea that you actually deserve the access to, and the ability to learn and understand what the hell is going on with your gut health (and health in general). What do I mean by this?

  For example, I have to do my taxes, we all have to pay our taxes. However, I don’t have to actually do my taxes. So I don’t really have to understand.  I can choose to pay somebody to do that, for me, a lot of us do. However, you can’t pay somebody to eat for you. You can pay somebody to shop, to make your meals, to make decisions for you. But you are the one who has to actually consume the food and deal with the consequences, good or bad, that follow that action. And so as a result, there’s this really specific need for you to understand, and you deserve to understand how to do that.

Understanding your Gut Health

Let’s just be clear, we are not taught how to eat to heal ourselves. We’re taught a very general broad idea of nutrition, maybe, and the rest of it is left to chance. What do we happen to stumble across, when we are scrolling through social media? What crazy headline made the magazine on the front cover?

When we’re going to the checkout line, that’s the shit that we actually are being taught, which is ridiculous. Most of you are going to agree that this is really, really unhelpful. Because if you happen to be reading this, it’s likely because you’re searching for answers.  You wouldn’t be searching for answers, if you didn’t feel that you needed them, if you didn’t feel that there was a lack of understanding about gut health on your part. .

You need to know and understand that you deserve the education around whatever type of symptoms you might be feeling that are 100% tied into your nutrition, there’s no way you’re going to get away from that.

    No More Suffering!

  • There’s a part of whatever you’re feeling that your nutrition 100% is impacting or not impacting on either side of that. Okay,  that’s the first thing you deserve to know and understand.  Just know that there are so many ways for you to gather this education, and you don’t have to go to school for it. That’s our jobs. That’s why we as dietitians do the work that we do, we go to school, we do the background work, we learn the details, so that we can break it out in that one hour, twice a week that we meet with you, or however often you might see somebody, we do that work. So that we can boil it down and present it to you in this perfect little package. so that you can understand. That’s our job. Let us do that.


  • Now, the second thing is that a lot of people are afraid or unwilling to prioritize investing. And sometimes that’s what it really is. It’s an investment of your time of your money, of your resources of your family or friends support. That’s real. It has to be that way. A lot of people are unwilling to prioritize that and yet continue to suffer in the exact same way for decades.


  • So many of my clients if you are one of them, please let everybody know. They suffer in exactly the same way for decades. Trying to shoot in the dark doing things on their own. Without getting any real dialed in guidance, and it’s okay, right that there’s a starting point, there’s something to be said for that.

Make Your Health Your Priority

When is enough, enough? When are you just going to say, Okay, I can’t do this anymore! I need somebody to help me in a really specific way, somebody who understand what I need, and will understand how to explain it to me, and give me exact action points. So this idea, of an investment, which is something that you see a return of benefits on versus an expense. You go grab a latte Frappuccino, that’s an expense. And it’s fine, do it all day long, you know, whatever.

Invest in YOU!

But when you’re done with that drink it’s done, you’re not getting tremendous benefits from it, versus a car or a house, you put a lot of money into investing in the thing. And then you get to enjoy the benefits of having a car and house until you decide not to. That’s how you have to think about investing in your health. I’m not just talking about working with me or another dietitian, in general, you have the option doesn’t exist any other way. You are a complex, beautiful human being, you’re not going to get away with just taking the shortcuts you weren’t designed that way. You were not designed to be able to do something, the easy way out and get tremendous benefits from it.

    You deserve to put the investment of your time and energy and resources, when necessary, into your health so that you can benefit from it for as long as possible. Any good health practitioner who gives a shit about you will echo that thought. So if you don’t have somebody on your team, who is saying these things to you, you need to get them and you need to remind yourself and your loved ones, and your friends. You need to encourage the people in your life who you see need this help and need the support. Go get it! Get support, pay for it, because guess what you’re going to pay for it now. Or you’re going to continue to pay for it later with your mental and your physical and your spiritual exhaustion with your own self. So that’s that.

Take Action

1. You need to know that you deserve to find answers, you deserve to be taught you deserve to understand how to navigate the food and your health, that information belongs to you. Find a way to get it accurately.

2. Make the investment. Do it. Whatever it means it might not mean money for you. It might mean time. It might mean resources. It might mean education, I don’t know, figure out what it means for yourself and do it.

3.  What are some things that you can actually do today? What are some something that you can stop swiping through here? And go and do? So one, you can and I’m going to speak directly to what I have to offer. Because that’s what I know. You can grab the totally free three week challenge that I just posted. It’s a feed your gut challenge, which I love the irony of it. A lot of people are going to look at that and be like, why am I feeding my gut?

Feed Your Gut

I want you to feed your gut. That’s exactly what I mean. You heard me right, go and grab that you can get it at my website, under Resources. Or if you’re watching on Instagram, you can get it in the bio. And if you’re on YouTube, I’ll attach a link for you. It’s totally free. You work through it on your own and it teaches you how to use your food to support the foundation of your gut. It’s amazing. It’s information that you’re not taught and that you don’t have access to if you’re not seeking it out. That’s something that you can go and take action on right now. A step more than that might be to do some GI testing, get an idea, really specifically of what’s going on in that gut. I’ve got an option for you there too.

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