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a group of people with a shared experience that exists, in part, to help improve the group’s experience as a whole.

The Gut Tribe is a 10 week group gut healing program. You’ll be learning and healing with your fellow gut health sufferers for 8 weeks working on gut health and interventions. Additionally, you’ll have 2 weeks of 1:1 appointments with Kylie to dive deep into your personal goals, pain points, and to develop your individualized plan of attack.

Each one of you will get your own gut test + a totally individualized food/supplement plan based on your results!

PLUS: the support of your new Tribe = other people who totally understand what you’re going through and how you’re feeling. You will feel understood, seen, and utterly supported in a way that you’ve never experienced on your gut health journey.

You will be empowered. You will be taught. You will leave with tools.

Take a sneak peak at The Gut Tribe’s 10 Week schedule:


Your First 1:1 with Kylie

Get direct feedback based on the details of your history and personal goals


All About the Food

How food plays a role in gut inflammation and how to carve out what approach is right for you:  food sensitivities vs allergies and elimination diets


Finding Sneaky Sources of Inflammation

How are stressors, toxins, adverse food reactions, infections, and nutritional deficiencies impacting your gut health? How to ID these variables and formulate a response to intervene


Learn the Gut Zoomer

Understand how to read and interpret your gut test as a group, ask questions, get really clear on what you’re looking at so when we review your actual results, it all makes sense


Your Second 1:1 with Kylie

Review your gut test results and receive your individualized supplement protocol for healing and optimizing based on your test results


Digestion 101

Understand it, optimize it, learn what your symptoms are trying to tell you about your current gut health, learn how to implement strategies that will help you MAINTAIN the work you’re currently doing


Check In Week

How are you feeling with your new supplements and/or new elimination plans? What support specific to these topics do you need? What are other people in your Tribe finding successful and/or struggling with that you can help shed some experience on?


Gut Lining 101

How to heal the gut lining, protect it, and eat foods to maintain the healing process


On The Fly Gut Health Solutions

What you should be thinking about when you’re on vacation, traveling, eating out, or–generally speaking–have less control than usual


Recap and Moving Forward

Review, share your wins, and get clear on the next steps moving forward in order to maintain the healing and progress you’ve made in the last 2 months!

There is limited availability for this program. If you are interested in securing your spot in the upcoming cohort, join The Gut Tribe waitlist now!

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