Gluten-Free Recipe Book + Meal Plan Starter Kit


This is a digital tool that is meant to TEACH you.

There are 28 recipes to get you started:

  • 7 breakfast
  • 7 lunch
  • 7 dinner
  • 7 dessert
    + Shopping Lists and Meal Plan Sample

Each recipe in this gluten free recipe book + meal plan was chosen not only to demonstrate how to prepare gluten free meals, but also to help provide examples of meals that contain a variety of vegetables, fruits, fibers, and proteins. This book is filled with tons of color! If you know anything about what I preach – it's to get A LOT OF VARIETY. Gluten free eating is absolutely no exception.

You can mix and match the meals in the meal plan using any of the recipes in the book and you'll be getting almost 40 g of fiber each day along with excellent sources of protein.

Extend the life of this tool by doubling or tripling the recipes for more leftovers. You could end up with months of meals from this one simple tool!

Most importantly, notice what you are eating, how you are feeling, what your grocery lists look like, and what you are doing as you piece together your meals. You'll want to be able to replicate these practices on your own, and this gluten free recipe book and meal plan can help you do that!

You can find other nutrition resources on my Resources page or read nutrition articles on my nutrition Blog.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a digital download, not a physical product. You will not be sent any product in the mail.


Can recipes be made Vegetarian or Vegan?
Absolutely. There are some recipes that already fit these categories but the notes section of each recipe will provide ideas on how to alter the recipe to personalize it further.
What are the protein and fiber the only nutrition values listed?
In my practice, I do not count macros or ask my clients to do so. I do, however, ask that they pay close attention to protein and fiber to help fuel the repair and maintenance of their gut. That is why I’ve made these numbers available. I find it to be a nice middle ground of awareness without being obsessive.

(Note: there is a time and place for counting macros, nothing wrong with it – just not the focus of this tool)

Can I double the recipes and eat them for leftovers?
What if I don't like one of the recipes?
You can either alter it to fit your tastes or you can omit it entirely and add one of the other recipes to the meal plan.
How do I swap recipes on the meal plan?
The meal plan is a general framework. It is just one example and certainly not the only acceptable one. You can use it to start out and then tweak it as necessary. If you know your schedule needs you to have the same meal on Tuesday and Wednesday instead of Monday and Tuesday, simply make that adjustment! If you prefer to cook fresh meals every day, there are 7 breakfasts, lunches, and dinners for you to choose from!
Will this meal plan make me feel better?
I certainly hope so. That doesn’t mean it will be the magic wand that fixes everything. It may give you enough wiggle room to be able to decide how to take the next step though and sometimes that is all you need.
What if I need more help than this?

You get in touch with me!  If you feel you need more specific guidance or that you have more “problem foods” than just gluten and want to learn more about that for yourself, we can 100% work together to meet that goal.  You can schedule a call with me HERE.


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