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3 Ways To Heal Your Gut (That Have Nothing To Do With Food)

Dec 20, 2021 | Gut Health

Today I want to talk to you about three things that you need to do to heal your gut or to maintain your gut health. They have nothing to do with food, supplements, spending money or any of the overwhelming details that you often hear me talking about.  Here are three things that you have to have in place, that every single one of my clients and I work on together.

Tips To Heal And Maintain Your Gut Health

  1.  You must be willing to be mindful, you have to be willing to pay attention. You cannot be absent-minded.  Have to be willing to approach your body, your health, your symptoms, the way that you feel, and the things that you don’t feel.  Be really honest about it. You have to be willing to pay attention. If you are not willing to take a look at what you’re doing, what you’re not doing, the things that you’re changing or you’re not changing, and how that’s making you feel.  You are never going to be able to communicate to somebody else, what’s going on.

Learning How To Communicate

If you can’t communicate to me or somebody who you’re working with what you’re feeling, and when you’re feeling it, that person is always going to be playing that same guessing game that you’re playing right now. So you have to be willing to be super-mindful to really pay attention. Even if you can’t make sense of something that’s not always on you. That’s not always your job. But you do have to be willing to pay attention so that you can communicate to somebody else what it is that you’re experiencing.

 Believe You Are Capable

2. This is sometimes the hardest thing. It’s because you get worn down, however, you have to believe that you are capable of healing. Let me say that again. You have to believe that you are capable of getting help, capable of learning that you’re capable of doing something new.  You are capable of working hard and you are capable of healing your body.  Just need to trust your body, and know that it is capable.   Our bodies are meant to heal themselves. Once you give it the things that it needs and take away the things that is fighting against. It will balance itself out, it knows how to do that. That’s what it’s made to do.  You need to get your mind on straight, your head in the right place. This is not easy work. But it is absolutely non-negotiable. You have to be in a place where you know, I can do this if somebody helps me, if the right person helps me.  I got this, I can do this.

Every single one of my clients comes to me feeling really hopeless, burnt out, totally sick and tired of trying things on their own. They were spending a ton of money and not getting any results. It doesn’t mean that they have lost the ability to believe that it’s possible.

 Learn How To Learn

3. You really have to be committed to wanting to learn, this is really huge. Everything that I do, is with the intention of teaching you. I didn’t know all of this information. I felt very alone when I was going through my own story. Never had I felt that before. That was a new feeling to me and I didn’t understand.  All of a sudden, this thing was happening, my body was feeling a certain way. I didn’t know what to do. Thankfully, I had the background that I had in nutrition, and I knew how to ask the right questions. I learned you have to know that you’re capable of learning. Be willing to actually take the knowledge in and apply it.

Willingness to question yourself, and willingness to question other people.  You have to be willing to question the things that you’ve always done and ask yourself, “can I, or should I, be doing this slightly differently?” Or “am I killing it?”  Sometimes that’s the answer!  But you just have to be totally open to learning what it is that you need to learn. Once you are taught how to think about the right questions and ways in which to find the right answers to the question, you’re going to be totally empowered. You’re going to be able to do whatever it is that you need to do for your gut health right now, on your own.

The number one thing I say to every single one of my clients is, my goal is to teach you what you need to know. So that you don’t need me. That’s the goal. If I can teach you how to maintain your gut health, then I’ve done my job.


You have to be willing to pay attention. Believe that you can actually heal.  Know and trust that there’s a process in place that’s going to unfold and your body is going to adjust and heal itself. Come in with an open mind, you have to be willing to try things, and be willing to feel like maybe you failed, even though you didn’t, and recognize that’s just part of the process.

I hope that those three things are really, really helpful for you. I think that taking a little bit of a different approach to gut health once in a while, that doesn’t involve food and supplements is important. The mental side, the mindset, making sure that your head is on straight is a piece that has to be there. That’s true for almost anything, but it’s especially true when we’re talking about healing the gut. You’ll see once you start changing your mind, and you get things sorted out with your gut, there’s a direct connection between the gut and the brain through one of our nerves. Impact one and you impact the other, wait until you see. It doesn’t stop at the gut it permeates every single part of your life because that’s what healing does.

Get To The Next Level Of Healing

Healing you on any level heals multiple layers of who you are. This is why my whole practice is called Strata Nutrition. It’s a reflection and a nod to the fact that we are all made up of these incredibly complex layers, and that they don’t work independently from one another. If you impact one, good or bad, it impacts everything else.

Some of you might be experiencing that right now, in terms of feeling bad. I got one cold and had to take one antibiotic and now I have brain fog, feeling super anxious for the last four months, like what the heck happened? It’s because when you impact one layer, you impact all the others. The same thing happens when you heal. So if it can happen in one direction, you can reverse it as well. Those three things, paying attention, knowing that you can heal, and being willing to learn.  Spend a little time thinking about how you fit into each of those things. It might just help get you to the next level of your healing. Always, always cheering for you. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions, or would like some additional resources with any of these things.


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