Client Success Stories

How Strata’s nutritional therapy has changed other’s lives

“turned everything around”

“I was struggling with not being able to digest anything healthy in my diet. Correcting the underlying pathology in my microbiome turned everything around and let me have a more varied diet.”


“incredible health beyond my wildest dreams”

“I found incredible health beyond my wildest dreams. Honestly, through Kylie’s program and help, I’ve never experienced long term help like this! Kylie’s approach is one tailored to YOUR specific needs and body’s guidelines.”


“Kylie was so supportive throughout my journey”

“My experience with Kylie and Strata has been life changing. I had been suffering with headaches, brain fog, fatigue and just plain feeling crappy. Kylie was so supportive throughout my journey. She was professional, warm, incredibly knowledgeable and supportive.”


“understanding, knowledgeable and caring”

“I can honestly say I have never in my life felt as good as I do today and it wouldn’t have been possible without Kylie. I am eternally grateful for her! You’ll be hard pressed to find someone as understanding, knowledgeable and caring as her.”


“Kylie has felt like a savior”

“Kylie has felt like a savior. Speaking with her felt like the first time that anyone ever actually listened to me. I have an understanding of what foods to eat, what to avoid, and how to put together a healthy and colorful meal.”


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