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Strata Services Roadmap showing a cycle of specialized testing packages, 1:1 nutrition support and stratified strength program

Where are you NOW?

Strata refers to layers – layers of your health, layers of your being, layers of healing options that are available for you.

Your gut healing journey is unlike anyone else’s.

You require an option that actually meets your needs when it comes to working together.⁠

My hope is that you can see yourself being successful in your gut healing in one of these areas where I can hold space for you…

Take a look at the Roadmap. It is circular because unfortunately healing is not linear. On the bright side, you are free to move in and out of these options as needed.

You can also take our Quiz to see where you are at on the Roadmap! Or you can reach out to me directly and I can guide you towards the best fit.

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1:1 Individualized Nutrition Support

1-on-1 support is the most dedicated, personalized, and specific option. If you have already tried quite a few things on your own, if you are someone who thrives with personalized attention, if you need testing and hand-holding on the recommendations, this is the option for you. This is also a good option to consider if you have IBD or another chronic GI related diagnosis.

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Specialized Testing Packages

This is the in-between option designed for those who just need a little extra nudge! This is perfect if you need a deeper dive on gathering important information (about nutrient status, gut health, and food sensitivities) but do NOT need a lot of hand holding or accountability to be able to apply the information.

These are already included in 1:1 work.

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Stratified Strength

Stratified Strength is a program co-hosted by Kylie of Strata Nutrition and Bryan of BC Strength Training. This 3-month strength training and nutrition program is designed to teach you the tools you will need to maintain your strength and nutrition on your own, so you can confidently nourish and strengthen your body.

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Maybe you aren’t quite ready for any of those options…

That’s okay! That’s exactly why I created my free Resources Library, where you can find information and actionable tips that align with your current needs. You can also explore articles all about healing your gut and related info on the Strata Blog. If you’re more of the listening or watching type, check out my podcast – Curious Women, co-hosted with Meg Hagar – covering a wide range of topics on women’s health or find me on YouTube.

You deserve to understand your body and how to optimize it.

You deserve to be able to navigate food and improve your gut heal without feeling intimidated, overwhelmed, or sick.

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