Nutrition Counseling Services

Helping You Find the Answers You Need

What You’re Feeling:

Nervous about eating in general

Afraid to stray too far from a bathroom

Bloating and reflux


Abdominal pain when you eat


Joint pain



What You Might Be Diagnosed With:

• Crohn’s Disease
• Colitis
• Candida Overgrowth
• Fibromyalgia
• Food allergies/sensitivities
• Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis
• Any other autoimmune disease

What’s the Problem?

You can’t find answers.

I have felt the sting of feeling misunderstood. I’ve been dismissed. I’ve been told “just take the pills.” I’ve felt isolated and alone.

I know how you feel.

And that’s why I know I can help get you answers.

For all of you who are feeling hopeless and ready to give up and “just accept” that “this is who you are,” know there are still options and I’m here to hold your hand, have your back, and be on your team.

Together we will find the answers

We will identify where the issues are, and then we will organize a road map for how to address the issues and restore your gut health.

What can you expect as an end result?

My functional nutrition practice can produce results, such as simple decreases in systemic inflammation (that you may not have even noticed was there). Better yet, we may be able to identify the source of migraines, headaches, joint pain, arthritis, IBS, Crohn’s Disease, eczema, and autoimmune diseases. You may even find increased energy, decreased brain fog, weight loss, a significant decrease in inflammation, a more balanced gut microbiome, relief from symptoms, and life long answers.

Are you tired of thinking about it and ready to just make a decision?

Schedule a time for us to chat. I’m here to guide you.

Client success Stories

“One of the things I was hesitant about prior to starting with Kylie was my concern about a lack of support. However, I was reassured by Kylie’s overall demeanor and she didn’t leave me feeling confused, unsure, or unsupported. After one and a half months of working with Kylie, my quality of life has improved GREATLY. My physical symptoms are manageable and almost gone entirely. I feel like I have a greater understanding about nutrition that will follow me beyond this service. My relationship with food has gone from thoughtless and negative, to intentional and positive.”

–Alex C. 
–Alex C.

“I gained SO much self-awareness. How the foods I’m eating are affecting my chronic pain, even foods I thought were healthy and good for me. How much of an effect EVERYTHING that I put into my body has on my physical comfort level. How I’m in a state of constant-stress, and how to take steps to correct that.”

–Erin L. 
–Erin L.

“I experienced SO MANY wonderful changes just within the first two weeks. My eczema cleared up after months of being VERY irritated. My acid reflux was non-existent as long as I was following the plan. My bloating, which was my main issue, was gone! I was no longer experiencing stomach pains every meal or even every day.”

—Ro O. 
—Ro O.

“Learning about what works with my body as far as foods, and lifestyle was a huge benefit. So much of it seems like common sense but I just didn’t know…I think most people could benefit in some capacity by learning what works with their bodies, and what works against them.”

—Strata Client 
—Strata Client
Want to get started Conquering Gut Health on your own?

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