highly Recommended products and discounts

Primal Kitchen

Collagen and amazing condiments/sauces with minimal ingredients that are delicious!

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Athletic Greens

Incredible option for a daily multivitamin – perfect for those of us who prefer to get our supplements from more food based options and/or have a difficult time taking pills.

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Butcher Box

Grass-fed, grass-finished protein delivered straight to your door. These animals are ethically raised by farmers who practice regenerative farming techniques. INCREDIBLE option for removing the stress around quality of protein sources.

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Misfits Market

Organic produce straight to your door WEEKLY! Or less often if you choose. You get to pick what you receive and they have recently expanded their “market place” to include staple pantry items as well – tons of specialty diet options available. Excellent customer service.

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Thrive Market

Thrive Market cuts out the middleman (whoever that is) and brings that savings directly to us as the consumers. Online shopping for all pantry necessities with amazing built in discounts. Great for those of us who require a little more attention to ingredients.

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Joi Milk Alternatives

Milk alternative with a sustainable bonus! Joi offers their nut and oat milks in a powder or paste form that is shelf stable. Blend it up with water and make as much or as little of the beverage as you need! A client favorite.

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Naked Pea Protein

One ingredient protein powder. Perfect for sensitive GI systems, tolerated and loved by my clients.

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Full Circle Prenatal

This is the only prenatal I recommend! Amazing research, extraordinarily comprehensive, very transparent, and offers tons of education. The dietitian who developed this is an expert in women’s health and fertility.

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BeautyCounter Skin Care

Check out their Never List and that will give you a jump start as to how amazing this skincare company is. They are EWG certified for all of their products (Environmental Working Group). I recommend this to all of my clients but especially for those who have liver burden/toxin issues.

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DoTerra Essential Oils

High quality, potent essential oils – check out the other products they make with their oils as well!

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Olipop Gut Health Drinks

This sparkling-better-than-soda drink contains 9 (NINE) grams of plant prebiotic fibers along with tons of other gut soothing herbs and properties. With only 2-5 g of sugar in each can, this is my FAVORITE and most delicious way to add fiber to my day. These drinks are delicious and gut-approved!

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