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So now there is a blog

Jan 1, 2020 | Gut Health, Nutrition


And so it begins…after fighting the good fight against being on my computer and phone more than I already am I have come to realize the benefits and importance of having some good content all in one place. And thus, a Blog is born. This will also have lots of travel updates so along with great nutrition and gut healing gems you’ll also get some travel ones! How do these things blend together? Guess we’re gonna find out – I figured I’ve blende them in real life so it SHOULD translate on a computer too…

This will not be a place with professionally tailored or perfectly lit photos of food and travel sights.

BUT it will be real. I will share stuff I actually do and use in my own life and with my clients so you can see how you might want/need to integrate them into your own life.

Here we go…!

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