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The Real Way to Detox

Aug 3, 2020 | Nutrition

Juices, fasts, celery, shakes, supplements…HOLD IT!
These are not the starting points for detoxification!

Wait what…

Yup, you heard me. Your body detoxifies on its own. No fad diets or pricey supps need apply.


By eliminating as many toxins as possible to make the job easier on your system and providing the system the elements it needs to run properly and efficiently.

All month I have been talking all about TOXINS and quite frankly, I’m tired of hearing myself talk about them.

However! I wanted to leave all the information that we discussed this month in 1 place for you so I’m going to summarize the main points.

Feeling left out? If you want the whole month’s discussion, CLICK HERE and I’ll send you everything:

  1. What is detoxification and why does it even matter
  2. How to support your detoxification system by organizing the process of getting rid of hidden toxins in your day (little baby steps for you)
  3. TONS of products, cleaning supplies, make-up, food options, companies, brands, and discount codes!

If you just want a quick and dirty run down on toxins, keep reading my friends!

Excess toxins can be causing a lot of damage in your body either because there are so many that you are exposed to that the body can’t process them properly before the cause their damage,


because your detoxification system isn’t being supported and doesn’t have what it needs to do it’s job.

How can you help yourself decrease toxic exposes in your day?

Take a look at these things:

  1. Food: Find the food items that have a list of ingredients that you can’t pronounce.  Find the ones that have food dyes, preservatives, fillers, gums, processed sugars.When your body only has recognizable ingredients to look forward to digesting, then it already knows how to do its job.  It’s easy.

    But when you start adding in foreign agents, the body has to work harder to accomplish the same task.  It has to use energy and resources that could be otherwise allocated to something more productive.

    It’s like reading a basic sentence using your high school French…you might be able to stumble through it, but it takes a long time, you’re exhausted afterwards, and there’s a very clear end point to your abilities.
  2. Personal Care Products: I recommend gathering ALL the products together.  Track them all down, put them in a giant pile on the floor and then start sorting through them all.
    (don’t forget the melting chapstick in the center console of your car – mine right now is Burts Bees.  Not joking.  It’s melting everywhere)

    Take a moment to notice where you have multiple products that all do the same thing.  
    Where can you condense the job of many products into 1, less toxic, product so you can focus on replacing fewer items?

    Do you really need 47 hand lotions?  I know it’s tempting to say yes.  But at the expense of your body spending energy and resources on filtering out the bad ingredients?
  3. Cleaning/Household Products: Find ALL the cleaning products!  Gather them together and start weeding out the ones that don’t get used, the ones you have decided for yourself you don’t WANT to use anymore, and see where you can combine MANY of the products you have into ONE multipurpose non-toxic cleaner.

    I had someone paint the picture this way once:  if you wouldn’t let your dog lick the surface after using your cleaner of choice – why would you use it?

    (Are you a dog person…does that one work for you?)

    Think of it this way, part of the reason we clean is to help keep our environment clean, manageable, and healthier to exist in.
    (the other part is from those of us who are obsessive about cleaning for other mental health related topics…I digress)

    But If we are trying to accomplish one goal:  cleanliness, and we throw off another goal:  health, are we really gaining anything?

    There are SO MANY options available to us today that we don’t have to sacrifice any more.  There are tons of price points, lots of brands, and there is something for everyone.

How do you help support your detoxification system so that it can do its very best job all the time?

I’m gonna break it down to two very easy steps:

  1. Fruits
  2. Veggies

I know. That’s such an annoying answer. But the reality is that there is a HUGE host of vitamins and minerals that are involved in the process and they are found really beautifully in colorful fruits and vegetables.I have a full list of them for you HERE, along with a great visual of what’s happening in the detox system.
Additionally, the first part of the detoxification system can sometimes produce products that are even MORE toxic than they started out as. What can help combat that?Antioxidants.Where are those found!? You guessed it…Fruits and veggies.

Overall, what you want to do is help you body with detoxifying in two ways: by keeping excess toxins out and by supporting the system with the ingredients it needs.

I you want more details and more guidance on the specific plan I pieced together for you, CLICK HERE!


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