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How To Heal Your Gut: 5 Ways to Think It Through

Sep 8, 2022 | Gut Health, Nutrition

Let’s chat about five things you can consider for organizing a plan to heal your gut!

Most of us, by the time we know that we need something to help us heal are so deep in it we can’t see straight. And it has taken us some of us decades to get to the place where we are!f

This quick read won’t be the magic wand – but it should be super helpful in guiding you to be able to organize your efforts, because it’s super overwhelming out there. I’m in this industry and even I get overwhelmed! So you’re not alone in that.

5 Things You Can Use to Organize How to Heal Your Gut


First, you can think about is remove. What are the barriers? Sometimes this part is hard, sometimes identifying what the problem is, IS the problem. Hands up if that’s you, how many of you are reading this saying, if I knew what the problem was, I wouldn’t be googling”how to heal my gut!”  That’s sometimes true.

That’s where you’ve got to get working with somebody who you trust to think outside the box and help you ID some of these things.

One starting point that you might consider is food:  what’s going on with your food?  Some of you are going to know exactly what foods are potentially problems right now.  Some of you might THINK you know but are too afraid to really KNOW because then you’ll have to do something about it.  And some of you are genuinely confuzzled.

You can also think consider your environment? Are you around a lot of toxins? Are you around a lot of stress? What are your relationships like? (That’s can be a hard one.) What are the barriers that are in the way that need to be removed?

If you think you need more clarity on the food piece of things and IDing what might be the issue – take a look at my Food Sensitivity Testing Package option!

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Next, we can think about what needs to be replaced.

What’s missing?

Is it nutrients?

Is it sleep?

Is it exercise?

Is it really really granular and very specific types of nutrients?

Is it fiber?

Is a protein?

Is it healthy fats?

Are you drinking water?

Remember, your body knows how to heal. And if you remove the barriers and replace what it needs in order to function…the body will find its groove, it will do that all on its own. Sometimes we don’t even understand how or what’s happening. Just trust that it will

You can check out some guides and resources that might be helpful for you! 

It also might just be adequate for you start THINKING about these questions – I bet you can shine the light in the right place on your own.  You know you best.


Next, you can think about is “Reinoculate”. Take it or leave it guys. If you aren’t working with somebody specifically on something, you might not really resonate with that one. Reinoculate though, can be very important depending on what your barriers are to start with. So for example, if you’ve got really low, beneficial bacteria in your gut, You’ve got to get that stuff back up! And there are lots of ways to think about doing it.

If that’s you, you might consider eating more fiber, you might think about resistant starch, you might think about a probiotic, you might think about prebiotics.

Here is another GREAT blog that summarizes resistant starch and their role in feeding the gut and producing short chain fatty acids – you’ll love it!

If you are in the throes of it, I would work with somebody. Do not start throwing a bunch of supplements at yourself, you’re going to get confused, overwhelmed, and you’re not going to know what is helpful and what is hurting.


Following that, then a lot of you can think about repairing. I talk to so many people for the first time and they say:  Do you think I have leaky gut? I think I have leaky gut. What do you think about leaky gut? What do you know about leaky gut?

Most of us have it or have had it at some point. And you’re right to be concerned about it! This stuff needs to be repaired (along with many many other things – leaky gut just happens to be the “thing du jour”)

What needs to be repaired though? It’s hard to know, without working with somebody or really diving into where your current starting point is. Where are you right now?  Maybe you know that you had an infection, and you had to take antibiotics. And now you just know, there’s something going on in your gut. There are ways to heal the gut lining from this!

How do you repair the gut lining? Glutamine is a great option.  Some soothing gut herbs are amazing.  Digestive enzymes can be great!

But again, it’s going to come down to simple and foundational things:  fiber, really rich, colored, fruits and veggies. Really good protein, healthy, fat.

I know. Are you so annoyed? That’s not sexy. It’s not flashy. It’s not fancy, but it’s true. It’s true.

Here is a list of HIGH QUALITY gut supplements that include what I mentioned above and more!

Take a look and see if anything feels right for you!


Finally, we have rebalance.  What does rebalance mean? Gosh, there are a lot of ways to think about this.

You could rebalance your life lifestyle with stress and sleep, your work life balance, the way that you’re eating your food, the way that you’re structuring your meals, the timing of your meals, you can rebalance your actual gut flora.

Going back to repairing, if you had really high opportunistic bacteria, and really low, beneficial bacteria, you’re going to need to work on bringing balance there. This is how you interrupt the cycles.

Do you guys resonate with that?  That you’re in a loop? These are the words that I hear people using a lot, where symptoms just keep repeating. And then you think there’s light at the end of the tunnel, you’re almost out, then something happens and you’re right back in it and you’re feeling like crap.  Again.  Maybe you’re super bloated, or you can’t use the bathroom, or you can’t stop using the bathroom.

These five categories are the pockets that you can start to take a look at and consider to help yourself organize a plan of action. Is there an order to these things? Not necessarily.  Often, it is very helpful to do the Remove part first. Because if there’s something in the way, it’s going to make all of the other healing pieces more difficult.  So it is helpful to remove the barriers first.

Strata Nutrition’s 3 Pillars to Heal Your Gut

This is how I do it. I actually have three pillars:




You must identify what is going on.  You need to know where you are right now.

For example:

Let’s say that you know you want to drive to California.  You know where California is on the map, but you don’t know where you currently are. If you don’t know where you are, how do you know which way to California?

It’s the same idea with healing your gut. If you don’t know what is going on in your gut right now. How do you know what the next best step to take is? Identifying the barriers in order to take action is going to be the answer for so many of you.

Now, again, it’s not a magic wand. And it doesn’t automatically mean that if you do a stool sample test, you’re just gonna, heal. No, there’s a lot of things that are going to unfold.  It might be frustrating, and it’s probably going to be a little bit overwhelming. That’s the nature of healing.

You don’t have to do it alone. And you do not have to know all of the information that professionals know in order to heal your gut.  You just have to be willing, have a plan, and believe that it’s actually possible!


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